Friday, March 27, 2009

Staff: Shearwater Cabin 518


Professor Multinovskiy departed Ushuaia, Argentina about 6 pm,March 24,
sailing for the Weddell Sea. For the past two days, our crossing has
been one of the most blissful crossings that I have ever had of the
Drake Passage! Weather and viewing conditions have been superb, with
horizon to horizon visibility, and not a whitecap in sight!
Unimaginable, considering our last crossing. The lesson here is to let
one's imagination run wild, as anything is possible in this region. We
are the very last ship this season to visit the Antarcitc region.

Wildlife highlights have included: Southern Royal, Wandering (Snowy &
Antipodean), Black-browed, Gray Headed, & Light-mantled Sooty
Albatrosses; both giant petrels, Kerguelen Petrels in good numbers; one
White-headed Petrel, King, Chinstrap, & Macaroni Penguins swimming in
the water (not usual in the Drake!), and many of the usual bird species.
Marine mammals have included: Long-finned Pilot Whales, large numbers of
Hourglass Dolphins; Fin, Humpback, and Sei Whales. We are really off to
a great start!

This morning, we are now cruising the stunningly beautiful Bransfield
Strait, with snow on the mountains, and gorgeous tabular ice all around
us-- and calmness that is amazing!

All the best,
Debra Shearwater
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