Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HIding out at Salisbury Plain

13 January 2010
Salisbury Plain, South Georgia

Well, it had to happen- that big low pressure system running on our
tails, just had to catch up to us, and it did, late last night. Our
captain had repositioned the ship after our excellent Zodiac cruise at
Elsehul. In the lee of Start Point, we spent a peaceful night, while our
fellow travelers on other ships battled gale force winds and seas. In
fact, we spent the entire day at the same anchorage, riding out this
storm which eventually reached a Force 12, hurricane level by mid-day.
We were quite comfortable, with only the occassional roll due to the

Our program today consisted of the Caroline Alexander DVD, "Endurance,"
a classic in its field. In the afternoon, the Shearwater Leaders, Scott
Terrill, Linda Terrill, David Vander Pluym and John Sterling did a recap
of the entire wildlife list, beginning with our extremely successful
days in Ushuaia. This was followed by a our standard recap and briefing,
where our EL, Morten, explained the Beaufort Scale. Debra Shearwater
followed by introducing our ship mascot, Max. Max is a laid back parrot,
sipping his rum and coke, wearing his sunglasses on his straw hat, and
flipping his foot to the tune of, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"! This was
followed by everyone in the bar singing the song. Our Hotel Manager,
Daniela, was especially smitten with Max! He remains in the bar this
evening, watching over a party bridge game headed up by Don Doolittle.

Oh, yes, we did see a few BIRDS! Several South Georgian Pintails flew
past the vessel, a life bird for many on board. More Antarctic Terns
were about today. We have seen many Pale-faced Sheathbills! Don't worry,
be happy! We are pretty much living it up as best we can, while waiting
out the storm. It is now after 9 pm, and the winds have greatly abated.
Now, we hope for the swells to die down for our hopeful activities
planned for tomorrow.

Don't worry-- Morten called a meeting with Debra Shearwater and Don
Doolittle and the Shearwater Leaders, early in the morning. We have a
Plan A and a Plan B! So, Be Happy this evening.

Albatrosses forever,
Debi Shearwater
On board Shearwater Journeys' charter voyage

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