Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello, Folks,

Of course, I forgot to list one of the most popular highlights of our voyage — ENGINE ROOM TOURS given by none other than our very own good Captain Alexander Pruss! It was quite fascinating to see the inner workings of our ship proudly maintained by our Russian Crew.

In regards to the South Georgia exclusive voyage which I will be on board with, beginning this October— I have been told that there is a possibility that Captain Pruss will be the captain of the ship, Plancius! This would be fantastic. I will keep you posted.

And, I would like to list one additional adventure that Morten and I may collaborate on— a visit to Midway Island to see the nesting seabirds, monk seals, and more. We shall keep you posted.

Albatrosses forever,

Debra Shearwater
Shearwater Journeys, Inc.
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Hollister, CA 95024

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