Thursday, September 2, 2010


August 27, 28 & 29, 2010
A beautiful sail away on the evening of August 26th, to the Vangelis music of "1492" on a warm, balmy evening set the Star Clipper on her way to Cyprus. Surprisingly, the morning of August 27th dawned within sight of Alexandria! We were anchored, only 4 miles off the coast. Our cruise director called a meeting to explain what had happened. It turned out that the ship was in the process of changing its flag from the country of Luxumberg to Malta, and the official from Malta had missed his flight. He had not arrived. Therefore, we were now a ship without a flag, which is very similar to a person without a passport! So, could not go anywhere! The bar was immediately opened. Drinks poured forth. Free internet cards were issued. Well, the seas were fine, the sun was shining and deck chairs awaited those who wanted sun in the Mediterranean.

Finally, on August 28th, the official from Malta boarded our ship to begin his inspection. Meanwhile, too much time had been lost for us to make a visit to Cyprus. This was a disappointment. But, our cruise director worked hard to redo our schedule. We headed to Marmaris, Turkey. Everyone enjoyed the sailing on our beautiful ship.

Debi Shearwater
On board the Star Clipper
Famous Ports of the Ancient World Voyage

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