Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Howdy, Birders,

It was a great day for raptors in San Benito County, today. At Paicines Reservoir an OSPREY was making a mad dash for a fish, just as I pulled into the parking area. An adult BALD EAGLE flew in from the south, perching in the oaks on the west side of the reservoir. A mixed flock of 47 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED and 15 CANADA GEESE arrived. A female NORTHERN HARRIER plied the hillsides. Other notable species included: 1 BELTED KINGFISHER, a flock of 25 DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS (one of the largest flocks I have ever seen in the county); 4 VIOLET-GREEN and 1 TREE SWALLOW; 2 AMERICAN PIPITS; 3 YELLOW WARBLERS.

On Santa Ana Valley Road, between the intersections of Quien Sabe and John Smith Road, a PRAIRIE FALCON was sitting on the telephone pole.

A little further along the road, a FERRUGINOUS HAWK was also on a telephone pole.
Two more FERRUGINOUS HAWKS were vying for winter territory, high in the sky. One is below.
At residence #3600, two CASSIN'S KINGBIRDS were present. There may be three individuals.
I stopped at the Historical Park, near Bolado. Best birds were 2 CHIPPING SPARROWS, 5 COMMON YELLOWTHROATS, 22 LARK SPARROWS, 1 LINCOLN'S SPARROW, 2 CALIFORNIA THRASHERS and 2 calling SORAS.

Finally, I returned to Hollister, passing this pumpkin field on my way to the post office.
Happy Trails,
Debi Shearwater

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