Friday, February 4, 2011

San Benito County Birding: January 29-31, 2011

Howdy, Birders,

This report is to confirm the EASTERN PHOEBE in San Benito County at #3080 to #3100 Santa Ana Valley Road.

After seeing the post by Al Eisner, I jumped in my car and headed for Santa Ana Valley Road. This was by far, the easiest bird that I have ever chased. It was the second bird that I saw, after house finch. The phoebe was closer to #3080, in ditch on the side of the road opposite the houses. It was perched on a dead thistle plant. It flew to the second line of barbed wire fencing, on the same side of the road. So, it is hanging in that area. I only stayed a few minutes. It is a classic Eastern Phoebe. There is a mile marker at the exact spot: 3.06.

This is the sixth known Eastern Phoebe record for San Benito County. Amazingly, this bird is precisely where I heard, but did not see, an Eastern Phoebe about ten years ago.

Elsewhere in the county: I would like to clear up the location of the Bear Valley Fire Station pond. It is south of Paicines Reservoir, and not south of Pinnacles. The pond is full with water. American Wigeon have been hanging out there. The large flock of blackbirds has been hanging around, as well. This is a known past breeding location for Tricolored Blackbirds. So, if you are thinking of chasing the Yellow-headed Blackbirds (2) which I reported a few days ago, the chances are good for finding them (in my opinion).

Many thanks to Al Eisner and Alvaro Jaramillo for relaying the reported phoebe. Please email me, if you see any of these birds, or other birds in San Benito County.

San Benito County Birding,
Debi Shearwater

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