Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birding San Benito County

Paicines Reservoir

Howdy, Birders,

It has been quite awhile since I've posted to the blog— well, because I've been too busy, out birding in San Benito County. It has been a wonderful ending to winter (I hope!), with spring having finally arrived. Some days, it has still very much felt like winter, though! In pursuit of breaking the San Benito County Big Year, I've been birding just about everywhere possible.

Paicines Reservoir, just under ten miles from my home, remains my most favorite birding spot in San Benito County. However, I've been out and about, covering the entire county. In April, I surveyed Tricolored Blackbirds for Audubon California, covering the county from one end, Coalinga Road, to the other, San Felipe Lake. It was a fabulous time. Flowers were beginning to bloom.
Owl's Clover

One evening, I enjoyed watching six California Condors, 4 adults and 2 immatures, soaring over a ridge for 45 minutes as they went to their evening roost. This was quite a distance from Pinnacles National Monument and not at all inside of the park boundaries. It is always a thrill to see these ancient birds.
California Condors
Unusually cool weather and rain seemed to have delayed the arrival of spring migrants. Hoping for these birds for the Big Day count!

Happy Trails,
Debi Shearwater

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