Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hello, Folks,

Below, please find additional information for integrating and merging your previously published Panoche Valley eBird checklists from Brian Sullivan:


As an addendum to this note, if you have birded Panoche Valley in the past, and have plotted your own personal locations that duplicate some of the newly established hotspots, you can merge your locations (and your data) with the existing hotspots. Here's how:

Go to "My eBird" and then to "Manage my locations". Click 'edit' next to the location you wish to merge. You'll get a map showing your personal location. Click 'Merge', and you'll get a map with the personal location and the existing hotspots. Click on the hotspot that you wish to merge into, click 'merge' and check the box that says 'delete after merging' (this will remove your personal location when the merge is complete). Only perform this operation if your locations are duplicates of these hotspots. eBird always encourages data submissions from precise locations, so in my case, I have a string of point count locations scattered around the valley that are not duplicates of nearby hotspots, and should thus not be merged.

The biggest problem for conducting analysis (and for your lists) is when you combine a single day's worth of birding into one eBird checklist. Then the Long-eared Owls at Mercey Hot Springs are plotted in the wrong place, Lewis's Woodpeckers up on the pass end up on the valley floor etc. So it's always best to be cognizant of where you are, and to try to keep your eBird checklists to more refined geographic areas. I know this is more data entry (lord I know!), but it really adds value to the data you provide to eBird.



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