Saturday, December 31, 2011


Howdy, Birders,

In San Benito County, today, I made a short spin around Santa Ana Valley Road. The EASTERN PHOEBE continues in the same location as previously described.
Today, the phoebe was foraging right along the road, even on the ground of the road shoulder. It was making a call note. Both BLACK and SAY'S PHOEBES were also in the area.
A flock of 30+ AMERICAN PIPITS were also feeding on the shoulder of the road. Guess there was something good to eat there.
The usual raptors were in the area, including this female AMERICAN KESTREL, below. One immature BALD EAGLE was soaring overhead.
LOGGERHEAD SHRIKES were out. It was a beautiful, warm sunny day.

I'll end the year with my favorite buteo, FERRUGINOUS HAWK, below.
Wishing you Happy Trails filled with lots of birds for 2012!
Hope to see you out there,
Debi Shearwater
San Benito Birding

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