Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hello, Birders,

Meet Greg Miller, a central character in the popular book, The Big Year, by Mark Obmascik, on board Shearwater Journeys' Monterey pelagic trips, September 13 and 16. Based on a true story, the book depicts three guys who chase birds all over North America in an attempt to score "the Big Year." Amazingly, Twentieth Century Fox made a movie by the same name which showed last year. Greg was hired to be the bird advisor for the movie which was directed by David Frankel and starred Jack Black, Owen Wilson and Steve Martin. Angelica Houston played the sea-going, Debi Shearwater. Greg was on the set for three weeks and had a chance to meet many of the actors and crew. Lately, I've seen the movie as an in flight movie when flying from the West Coast to the East Coast and on HBO in a motel room. Greg has an incredible sense of humor and is one of birding's finest. Meet Greg on board and he can tell you much, much more. Or, meet Greg on land—

Meet Greg at the Monterey Bay Birding Festival in Watsonville where he will be the keynote speaker, September 15. This festival has many field trips with excellent leaders, workshops and more. Don't miss out. Shearwater Journeys is proud to be the official provider of pelagic trips for the festival. About 70% of the festival attendees partake of at least one pelagic trip. For more information and registration, see this link:

To learn more about Greg Miller, see:

Of course, Greg would be delighted to autograph your copy of The Big Year. So, be sure to bring it along!
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