Monday, August 19, 2013


Hello, Birders,
You might think that the ANCHOVY is something that only comes on your pizza. Or, something you "hold" when ordering a pizza! 
Actually, the Northern Anchovy is a small, schooling fish that supplies food for many open ocean seabirds and mammals. As such, it is an extremely important part of the pelagic food web. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a beautiful and mesmerizing display of Northern Anchovies. 
In 2008, our local anchovy population crashed. However, this year, it has returned with some incredible feeding frenzies of seabirds, easily viewed and photographed while standing on shore! 
Above, is Linda Terrill's video of ELEGANT TERNS, part of this huge feeding frenzy of seabirds which comprises nearly 800 of the terns, as well as 8 - 10,000 SOOTY SHEARWATERS, hundreds of BROWN PELICANS and HEERMANN'S GULLS. Linda, who is a leader for Shearwater Journeys' trips, shot this video on during our return to Pillar Point Harbor, Half Moon Bay at the end of Shearwater Journeys' pelagic trip, August 17, 2013. 
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