Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello, Seabirders,

Images of the COOK'S PETRELS from both the August 2 and August 6 Monterey Bay trips, and other seabirds are now up on the Shearwater Journeys' web site (with thanks to our hardworking web master). Click on photos on the home page, or the links below:

Many thanks to the photographers: David Vander Pluym, John Sterling and Larry Sansone. Also, a Google map route of our August 2 trip prepared by Don Doolittle and Jennifer Green is available under the images for that date.

Seize the day!! With so many Cook's Petrels offshore, and sightings of three Dark-rumped Petrels, we are anticipating this coming week's trips with great excitement! Here is an update on those trips—

Wed, August 12 Bodega Bay, departing from Port O' Bodega at 6:30 am. Only 9 spaces are available. Leaders include: Peter Pyle, Tristan McKee, Lisa Hug, Steve Howell, John Sterling and Debra Shearwwater. Wes Fritz will be ladling his "magic brew" overboard.

Fri, August 14 Fort Bragg- SOLD OUT. Leaders include: Lisa Hug, Todd McGrath, Tristan McKee and Debra Shearwater.

Sun, August 16, Fort Bragg- departing Noyo Harbor at 6:30 am. Only 3 spaces are available. Leaders include: Lisa Hug, Todd McGrath, Scott Terrill, Linda Terrill, Tristan McKee, John Sterling and Debra Shearwater.

If you would like to join us on August 12, or 16, please contact me before 9 am on Tuesday, August 11th, below. 

We hope to keep on cookin'

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