Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Trips + More Leaders + More Seabirds = MORE FUN! 

Jump on board with Shearwater Journeys' Leaders!

September is here. The best days of seabirding are just around the corner. Like the BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS in the image above, being followed by SABINE'S GULLS, we at Shearwater Journeys, hope to lead you to the seabirds! I'm not sure about that little LONG-TAILED JAEGER, sitting on the water behind this crowd. Jump up, buddy! Don't miss the action. 

Shearwater Journeys offers more seabird trips than anyone else on the West Coast. In fact, Debi Shearwater is the only full time pelagic tour operator in the U.S.A. (world?) Thirty eight years of organizing offshore pelagic trips, from Crescent City to San Diego,  has given her a depth and breadth of unsurpassable experience off the California Coast. Beginning September 6th from Monterey, she will do sixteen pelagic trips from three different ports, taking over 1,000 birders offshore! This gives her a feel and handle on not only where the seabirds can be found, but also where not to head to look for them. Negative data is important, too! 

An amazing assemblage of leaders, some with decades of seabirding experience, and  most with worldwide seabirding experience, will be on board these trips. Below, please find our complete trip schedule for the remainder of 2013. Shearwater Journeys has always had a high number of leaders on board to provide you with a higher quality experience. Both beginners and "old salts" are welcome. 

Note: some trips listed as LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE are nearly sold out. Email Debi for these trips, or to be added to the waiting list. Trips color-coded could be great for photographers who need more space on board the boat. These trips are not packed full, although all trips have enough reservations to "go." Do you have a favorite leader? Check it out. More leaders may be added to some trips. Leaders are subject to change. All leaders are volunteers. KEY: MTY= Monterey; HMB= Half Moon Bay; FI= Farallon Islands; Bodega Bay; Albacore trip departs from Monterey. RESERVATIONS: If booking at the last minute, email Debi: for assistance. 


FRI. SEP 6 MTY: Clay Kempf, Rick Fournier, Jennie Duberstein, John Sorensen, Debi Shearwater
SAT. SEP 7 ALBACORE: Steve Tucker, Wes Fritz, Debi Shearwater
SUN. SEP 8 HMB: Steve Tucker, Steve Hampton, Tim Miller, Debi Shearwater
MON. SEP 9 HMB: Wes Fritz, Steve Tucker, Debi Shearwater
TUE. SEP 10 MTY: Tim Miller, Nick Levendosky, Wes Fritz, Debi Shearwater. Special Santa Cruz County trip = Guaranteed FUN! (departs from Monterey)
WED. SEP 11 MTY: Clay Kempf, Mary Gustafson, Debi Shearwater
THU. SEP 12 MTY: Jim Holmes, Nick Levendosky, Dave Pereksta, Mary Gustafson, Debi Shearwater- LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE
FRI. SEP 13 MTY: Dave Pereksta, Mary Gustafson, Sophie Webb, Debi Shearwater's birthday!
SAT. SEP 14 MTY: Clay Kempf, Steve Rottenborn, Dave Pereksta, Mary Gustafson, Debi Shearwater
SUN. SEP 15, MTY: Dena Spatz, Mary Gustafson, Abe Borker, Tim Miller, Debi Shearwater
MON. SEP 16 HMB: Jim Holmes, Wes Fritz, Mary Gustafson, Debi Shearwater
FRI. SEP 20 BODEGA: Peter Pyle, Adam Searcy, Lisa Hug, Steve Howell, Steve Tucker, Debi Shearwater
SUN. SEP 22 HMB: Adam Searcy, Steve Tucker, Steve Hampton, Debi Shearwater
FRI. SEP 27 MTY: Rick Fournier, Tom Johnson, Dave Pereksta, Debi Shearwater- LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE
SAT. SEP 28 HMB: Steve Rottenborn, Scott Terrill, Linda Terrill, Tom Johnson, Debi Shearwater
SUN. SEP 29 HMB: Tom Johnson, John Garrett, Tim Miller, Steve Hampton, Debi Shearwater
SAT. OCT 5 MTY: Clay Kempf, Scott Terrill, Linda Terrill, Adam Searcy, Tom Johnson, Debi Shearwater
SUN. OCT 6 HMB: Adam Searcy, Steve Tucker, Tom Johnson, Debi Shearwater- SOLD OUT
SUN. OCT 13 MTY: Steve Rottenborn, Clay Kempf, Scott Terrill, Linda Terrill, Rick Fournier, Debi Shearwater
FRI. OCT 18 BODEGA: Steve Tucker, Lisa Hug, Jennifer Green, Debi Shearwater
SUN. OCT 20 FI: Peter Pyle, Jim Holmes, Annie Schmidt, Debi Shearwater
FRI. OCT 25 MTY: Clay Kempf, Nick Levendosky, Jennifer Green, Marissa Ortega-Welch, Holly Poole-Kavana, Debi Shearwater
SUN. OCT 27 HMB: Scott Terrill, Linda Terrill, John Garrett, Abe Borker, Debi Shearwater
SAT. NOV 16 HMB: Todd McGrath, Tim Miller, Abe Borker, John Garrett, Debi Shearwater



Image at top by Steve Tucker, copyright. 
Please do not use without permission. 
Shearwater Logo by Keith Hansen, copyright. 

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